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The Donnie McClurkin show has been expanded to meet the growing needs of our affiliates for quality ratings proven and advertiser friendly programming.

Ratings Proven! Fun! Entertaining! Inspirational! Simply the best produced program customized both for Inspirational and Urban radio.

Weekdays: Donnie has two (2) powerful ONE hour DAILY programs available via ftp: the award winning Donnie McClurkin show complete with the latest hit gospel music plus superstar interviews and all those features that have made the DMS a PPM record setter (Personal Note, Stumper, Ask Donnie, Firestarter Mix, Superstar Interviews and more).

Plus the all new one hour Gospel Gold show where Donnie digs through the crates and plays and tells the stories about the greatest hits in the format.

Weekends: Donnie has five hours of programming available via ftp : the award winning Donnie weekend show is available in a 2 and 3 hour version, plus the all new Gospel Gold program which is produced in a 2 hour format.

Personal Note


Ask Donnie

Word Of The Day


Stumper is another PPM benchmark that is a favorite amongst Donnie’s record setting fan base.

Jamaica Station Visit

Donnie McClurkin makes station visits even in some of the most out of the way places.

And More ...

The Donnie McClurkin Show – Scoped Demo

The Donnie McClurkin Show – Gospel Gold Demo